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Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Food of Bukittinggi

Rendang : chunks of beef stewed in spicy coconut milk and chili gravy, cooked well until dried. Other than beef, rendang ayam or chicken rendang also can be found.

Kalio : similar to rendang but while rendang is rather dry, kalio is still watery and light colored.

Gulai Tunjang : gulai of cow foot tendons

Gulai Limpo : gulai of cow spleen

Dendeng Batokok : thin crispy beef

Dendeng Balado : thin crispy beef with chilli



Ayam Pop : Padang style chicken, boiled/steamed and later fried. While fried chicken is golden brown, ayam pop is light colored.

Petai Goreng : fried green stinky bean

Pisang Kapit
Banana Kapit, snacks typical of Ateh Market Bukittinggi. Bananas are burned, clipped and then sprinkled with grated coconut.

Ampiang curd, a traditional yogurt Minang

Dadiah in question is a fermented buffalo milk. Slightly acidic and viscous. Ampiang is glutinous rice is pounded flat and then served with ginger water dadiah and brown sugar. It was a mixture of sour, sweet, cool and warm at once.
Bika Bukittinggi

The main ingredient is bika the grated coconut, rice flour, sugar and bananas. There bika that use sugar white sand, there are also light brown bika that use palm sugar.

Other typical food of Bukittinggi are :

hmm..nyaamm nyaaammm ..jadi lapeeer deeh,
makanya kalau ke Bukittinggi jangan lupa nyobain masakan khasnya yaa..!!

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