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Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Tourist Attraction in Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi city tour dubbed the city. Very many tourist attractions and is often visited by foreign tourists as well as domestic.
There are also tourist attractions in the town of Bukittinggi, are :

JAM GADANG (clock tower)

Also known as zero point the town of Bukittinggi. Built in 1926 by Yazid Sutan Dental Ameh. Clock Tower overlooking the Upper Market Bukittinggi with size 13 x 4 x 26 meters, diameter at 80 cm. Clock Tower moves mechanically with four sides facing the four cardinal directions. The uniqueness of the Clock Tower is the writing of Roman numerals IV, at the Clock Tower written IIII. The legend says that the cost is around 3000 Gulden.

At first, the peak-hour round-shaped sieve and above there is a statue of a rooster. When the Japanese occupied the United Kingdom converted to the form of a pagoda. After the independence of the peak shape changed into traditional Minangkabau roof.

Taman Budaya Marga Satwa Kinantan dan Taman Bunga Bundo Kanduang (Puti Garden Wildlife Parks and Culture Kinantan)

Close to Market Top Zoos are also in which there Kanduang Bundo Park. In this park there is a Tower house, traditional house museum whose contents Banjuang Minang Kabau different cultures and animals are preserved. Zoo there are different types of animals protected by the government. There are also elephants, Onta imported from Middle Eastern countries, and other animals ranging from very small to large and ferocious. The amount of funds expended to establish this zoo is 800 Gulden. At first only visited by middle and upper classes because of a very expensive ticket prices.

Benteng Fort De Kock

At first called Stherrescant.
The fortress was built in 1825 by the Dutch during the War Padri. The fortress is 20 m high with four small cannon at each corner. Painted white - green. The fort is now a tourist spot, especially for young children who bring their partners. Its location nan green and cool, there is a fortress in the middle of the building remain treated until sekarang.Setiap Sunday, very cool if taken away morning around this fortress.

Jembatan limpapeh

Is the liaison between the Parks Wildlife Kinantan with Fort Fort De Kock.
This bridge was on Jl A. Yani or the name of the city is often referred to as Kampung China, because there are many Chinese people who settled there. Amid the bridge there bagonjong roof architecture resembling traditional Minangkabau house.

Lobang Jepang

Relics of the colonial era is the location of Japan. Built around the year 1942 for defense of Japan in World War II. Length of about 1.4 km and a width of about 2 m. Inside Japan's dark hole, but now to a specific location is given a more comfortable light for visitors. In Japan there is a hole in the torture chamber and arms, dining and drinking, kitchen space. Aperture of Japan because of its length, so it has an entrance that spreads in the town of Bukittinggi, which is in Panorama Park, Gorges Sianok and Tri Arga (Bung Hatta Palace).

Taman Panorama

Tourist attractions in the town of Bukittinggi. Located on Jl. Panorama Bukittinggi. Behind the beautiful scenery of Mount Singalang. Location of these attractions located on the curb and within 1 km from the city center.
Location Panorama Park is located in front of the Museum of Power Tri Eka Dharma.

Museum Tri Daya Ekadarma

The museum is located at Jl. Panorama near the taps Bukittinggi. In this museum we can see the plane in front of the museum garden, weapons, and photographs of the struggle against colonialism.

Istana Bung Hatta (Tri Arga)

Is a tourist spot near the Clock Tower. Usually held frequent Minang cultural art events such as dance, etc. Saluang.

Rumah Kelahiran Bung Hatta

Located on Jl. Soekarno-Hatta near the traditional market Market Bottom Bukittinggi. Inside are many relics of Bung Hatta, ranging from bicycles, handsome cab, bed, dishes, glasses, photos and so forth.
Bung Hatta birth house was opened to the public.

Bung Hatta Library

Bung Hatta library is the biggest library in Bukittinggi

Janjang Ampek Puluah (40 slenders)

Actually the number of steps long and slender 40 is more than 40 pieces, exactly 100 pieces of stairs. That is, if counted from the bottom of the stairs that originated from the Youth pavement. Then why in the name the slender 40?
The number 40 is the number of steps contained in the steepest part at the very top of the bunch is 40.
Ampek Puluah this bunch in the Indonesian language means Forty level. This level is the liaison between the Upper Market Bukittinggi in Bukittinggi Down Market. Along the bunch there are a variety of souvenirs, especially the paintings of the town of Bukittinggi.

Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon)

Where tourism is located in the city center. The scenery is very beautiful, Sianok Canyon is a valley that has a soothing atmosphere greenish eye could see. Underneath which rivers flow clear. Width of about 200 m, length 15 km and a depth of 100 m. Surrounded by high cliffs nan, and we also found monkeys in Ngarai Sianok. Near the canyon there is a bunch Saribu Sianok a ladder with rungs of 1000.

Janjang Saribu (1000 slenders)

Attraction is a natural and tortuous. At this location can see the monkeys that roam freely and this level previously had 1000 natural staircase used by local communities to take water to the canyon Sianok. Bunch 1000 flanked by cliffs. Usually around the bunch in 1000 used for camping.

Pasar Atas dan Pasar Bawah Bukittinggi

Upper Market Bukittinggi is a tourist attraction that want to shop. Here the typical shopping center Minang, ranging from apparel, appliances Prayer, knick-knacks smelling Minang, sandals or shoes typical Minang they're all here. The location is flanked by the Clock Tower, Culture Park and Wildlife Kinantan Ampek Puluah bunch. Many tourists visiting tourists both domestic or foreign tourists.

Traditional markets under market is a market people. This is where selling needs ranging from cooking to spice up a variety of meat and fish. Is the traditional market centers in the city of Bukittinggi. In the United Kingdom market days (days of feed) each week is Wednesday and Saturday. Various people around the town of Bukittinggi shop here either for direct consumption or for purchase pengisis stall / stalls.
Liaison between the market on the market there is a market bottom slope (because of the way that malereng or has an angle of about 35-45 degrees) and other connective Ampek puluah bunch.

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